Scheduling chiropractic adjustment is a good idea anytime that someone is suffering from pain or soreness in the neck, shoulders, head or face. A lot of people call us because they have been researching ways to treat these problems but are unsure of what to do beyond simply taking pain medication.

Unfortunately, there is not enough of an awareness regarding how the spine works, how important it is to be in alignment and how chiropractic can be beneficial. To fill that gap, we are here to provide information online and also to answer questions in person. We encourage anyone who would like to learn more about back health and treatment options to give us a call.

The spine is important

The spine contains a lot of small vertebrae. These vertebrae are supposed to be in a certain position. When they are, the spine is in alignment. However, if one vertebra gets pushed out of position by an accident, poor posture or even bending too quickly, it can lead to spinal problems. This can cause a person to experience back pain and also to suffer other health problems. After all, the spine is the superhighway for the body so if it is out of alignment, other areas of the body can be impacted as well.

Chiropractic adjustment moves the spine back into alignment

Using touch therapy, we complete an adjustment in a gentle and noninvasive manner. We are able to put pressure on the back in very specific ways so that the vertebrae can move back into the correct position. This brings the spine back into alignment and ensures that the nerves can flow through it freely and without disruption. Then, a person's back pain will decrease and their overall health will improve.

The process

For anyone who has never had a chiropractic adjustment before, the idea may seem daunting or overwhelming. We are here to shine a light on the process. It is actually fairly straightforward. The patient will come into our office and be shown into an examination room. Once there, the patient will lie down on the treatment table.

Unlike a traditional doctor where a patient needs to remove their clothing, chiropractic adjustments are completed when a patient is fully clothed. This is important for the comfort of our patients. Then, we touch the back and spine, feeling if any of the vertebrae are out of position. If they are, using our hands, we will make a manual adjustment to the spine. This is done by placing pressure on certain key positions.

The adjustment itself only takes a matter of seconds. Sometimes more than one area of the spine needs to be adjusted but again, it is over very quickly.

After the adjustment

Some patients report feeling slightly sore once the adjustment is over. Drinking a lot of water will help to prevent this. Generally speaking, patients begin to feel better immediately after the appointment because once the adjustment is complete, the spine is back in the correct position. Patients feel particularly better if the spine being out of alignment has lead to something like a pinched nerve. In many cases, the adjustment is so effective that patients find they do not need to take any pain medication.

Paying for it

Most insurance policies do cover chiropractic care, though how much is going to depend on that policy. Also, if a person is injured in a car accident or has suffered a workplace injury, those insurance providers should pick up the tab. To discuss other payment options, give us a call.

Scheduling an appointment

If you want to improve the health of your back and relieve any back, neck or shoulder pain, give us a call. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment and get to work in helping you to improve your health comfort and mobility.