Do not live with constant pain caused by headaches when you can visit a headache chiropractor for help. There are options when it comes to treating headaches that extend far beyond taking a regular dose of ibuprofen or Tylenol. We understand that many people choose to manage their pain through medication but this is simply not the best option. Taking medication only serves to mask the symptoms instead of treating the source of them. As a result, headaches will only be minimized temporarily and more medication will need to be taken. This is a toxic cycle that can be lifelong if the source of the problem is not addressed.

Get to the root of the problem

When patients visit our clinic to work with a headache chiropractor, they are working to get to the root of the problem. We will begin to identify what is causing the headaches so that we can treat that. This is a different approach than simply prescribing medication and sending patients on their way. We work with patients over the long-term to ensure that their headaches are treated and do not come back.

Common problems

Very often, tension headaches are caused by something that is happening with the spine. If the spine is out of alignment, the muscles and ligaments could be inflamed and pull on the neck and head. This can lead to severe headaches and discomfort. By moving the spine into alignment, we can help the body to recover so this does not happen.

Sometimes, these tension headaches are the result of a car accident, workplace injury or even sitting at the computer all day long. If it was caused by a trauma, once the body has healed, there may no longer be the need for chiropractic care. However, if these tension headaches are caused by sitting at the computer all day, regular appointments may be necessary for maintenance.

Treatment options

As a headache chiropractor, we use touch therapy to bring the spine back into alignment. This is important for the health of the entire spine and for reducing or eliminating headaches.

We may also recommend a combination of massage and physical therapy. Massage can help to loosen the muscle tension so that the headaches can be reduced right away and so can the pain and tension in the back, neck, and shoulders. Physical therapy is necessary because this is how we strengthen the muscles to make it less likely that the symptoms will flare up again. The stronger that the core muscles are, the less likely there will be a future back injury, for example.

We will discuss all of these treatment options in further detail during a consultation.

Visit a headache chiropractor for relief

Ultimately, anyone who is tired of living with headaches and would like to find a long-term solution should visit our office to speak with a headache chiropractor. We are looking for ways to help patients recover fully so we will take the time to discuss in detail what could have led to headaches and to create a comprehensive plan for eliminating them today and preventing them tomorrow. Call today for help.