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Chiropractic Care

At Family Chiropractic of Clark and New York we provide chiropractic care for children, adults, senior adults and pregnant women for various conditions such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica, hip pain and many other complaints. We understand that pain can hinder one’s quality of life and make it difficult to complete simple everyday tasks. We strive to provide treatment that helps the patient achieve long-lasting results without medication or surgery.

tricia mastropietro

Patient Testimonials


Through Dr. Mastropietro’s care. I was able to go from a lower back injury to running a 30+ mile endurance obstacle race in the span of 6 weeks. I could barely put on socks and shoes after sustaining the injury, but with her treatment, I felt great before, during, and most importantly after the event. I can’t thank her enough for the time and effort she’s given in allowing me to return to a normal lifestyle of athletic activity. A true professional who thoroughly cares about her clients.

James G.

Google Review on 08/30/2018

I’ve been going to Family Chiropractic since 2015. Dr. Mastropietro has always been so responsive to my concerns and helped me deal with the chronic back pain that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I also saw her throughout my entire pregnancy in 2017 and she was able to accommodate my needs as they changed. I believe in her specialty and its benefits so much that I brought my husband and our son (currently 3 months old) to the office for adjustments.

Jen D.

Yelp Review on 03/20/2018

Chiropractic care at Dr. Tricia Mastropietro’s office is without a doubt one of the best medical experiences I have had. All of the staff are helpful, courteous, and always genuinely interested in providing quality service.
Tricia gives great practical advise for taking steps to recovery. The atmosphere is professional and positive. I highly recommend this practice without any reservations at all!

David N.

Google Review on 05/30/2018
Dr. Mastropietro is a caring, well trained doctor who goes the extra mile for her patients. I’ve never had a doctor before who personally called my insurance company on my behalf. Her treatments have helped my chronic fatigue syndrome and spine injury symptoms tremendously.

Christina D.

Yelp Review on 06/05/2012

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