Car Injury Treatment

We provide patients with a car accident injury treatment and recommend visiting our office as soon as possible after being in a wreck. Doing so is important for recovery and for preventing scar tissue from building up. Here are some of the other benefits associated with visiting our office right away.

1. We will keep a record 

A lot of accident victims hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit in order to receive compensation for their injuries. The medical records after the accident are necessary for proving the extent of the injuries and what treatment is necessary to recover. We keep a thorough medical file on all of our patients that lawyers can use to defend the patient and document the accident.

2. Auto insurance should pay for the treatment

After filing an accident claim, the insurance company will provide a claim number. This claim number is accessible by any treating physician for billing purposes. This means that patients who visit us for help should not need to pay anything out-of-pocket, not even the co-pay.

As a result, our car accident injury treatment does not cost the patient anything directly. Instead, we are compensated by the insurance company in most situations. It is important to note that the price will be dependent on the type of insurance coverage.

3. Our treatment helps to alleviate pain

Being in a car accident can lead to a wide variety of injuries, especially injuries related to the musculoskeletal system. This pain can be so intense that many accident victims look fine but are unable to do basic things like sitting at a desk, lift their child or walk around at their job. Our treatment helps to alleviate this pain so that patients can get back to these normal daily activities faster.

4. Our treatment is noninvasive

An important thing to consider about our treatment is that it is noninvasive and nonsurgical. The body has already suffered trauma in the accident. Our job is to help the body to heal without causing any further trauma. Also, since it is noninvasive, our treatment is safe for children and the elderly as well.

5. This treatment is nonaddictive

Visiting a traditional doctor after a car accident is likely to result in being prescribed prescription pain relievers. These can be highly addictive and dangerous for anyone who has ever suffered from a drug addiction or who is concerned about the possibility of becoming addicted. Since our treatment does not rely on medication or pain relievers, it is nonaddictive and safe.

6. This may be all a patient needs to recover

If the car wreck injured the musculoskeletal system and areas of the body impacted by it, our car accident injury treatment may be all that is necessary to reach a full recovery.

Our treatment is different

In our office, we focus on identifying the root cause of the problem and addressing it. We want our patients to reach their full recovery and to do so in a way that is sustainable. This makes our car accident injury treatment different from what patients may receive in a traditional doctor's office. Anyone who is seeking to feel better quickly should visit our office right away for help.

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