There are many reasons to visit a prenatal chiropractor, primarily that we can help to make pregnancy far more comfortable by helping to alleviate symptoms associated with back pain.

Back pain during pregnancy

Most expectant mothers will experience some level of back pain, some more than others. There are several reasons for this.

First, the body is changing. Virtually everything in the body is changing from hormone levels and even where each organ in the body is placed. As the uterus continues to grow, things like the stomach, intestines and bladder are moved into other positions. This can be uncomfortable and lead to problems like acid reflux and constipation but can also create back pain.

Also, as the uterus grows and the baby becomes larger and heavier, additional pressure is placed on the back. This regularly leads to low back pain along with pain in the middle of the back. Many women say that as the uterus grows, they feel pain in that portion of the back, specifically. This can lead to pain moving upwards as the uterus continues to grow upwards, as well.

Finding relief

When the back pain becomes severe, many pregnant women find that is absolutely unbearable and need to seek relief. Traditional pain medications are not always a safe or healthy option because many of them can be transferred through the blood to the baby. Fortunately, chiropractic is noninvasive and it does not involve taking medication, therefore it is perfectly safe for baby and mother.

As a prenatal chiropractor, we know how to safely align the spine, ensure that each vertebrae is in the correct position and continue doing so as the baby and the uterus grow. This can often require regular appointments because of how rapidly the baby is growing and the body is changing. Some expectant mothers visit us weekly while others see us once a month but either way, chiropractic can be beneficial.

Sometimes we also recommend massage. This can be used to help loosen the muscles and alleviate tension while the baby is growing. Stretching exercises, when done correctly and safely, can also help to alleviate some of the pressure placed on the back. Since the baby and growing uterus can cause the body to pull forward, the stretches usually involve improving posture and creating a natural arch in the back. We can show expectant mothers how to do so carefully during an appointment with our office.

Visit a prenatal chiropractor today and experience relief

We understand that pregnancy back pain can be severe, come on suddenly and be impossible to live with. It can be so bad that it can make it difficult to sit, stand or even lay down comfortably. Many expectant mothers experience great frustration when trying to convey the intensity of their pain to people that are unable to help provide relief. This is why it is important to visit someone who treats back pain on a daily basis. We do in our office; and we are here to provide important assistance right away. Call today for help and begin to experience relief.