A nonsurgical back pain treatment is something that anyone should consider if their symptoms have reached the point that it is restricting their normal daily activities. Patients who visit our office, often do so after they have experienced one or all of the following:

  • Inability to get out of bed in the morning due to back pain
  • Inability to bend down to pick something up, tie shoes, pet the dog, etc.
  • Inability to lift daily objects such as carrying groceries, picking up a child or moving a box
  • Pain that makes it impossible to stand more than a few minutes
  • Pain that is persistent even when laying in bed
  • Being restricted in the type of work duties a person can perform
  • Needing to rely on heavy pain medication in order to get through the day
  • Inability to go for walks without pain
  • Restriction on hobbies or enjoyable activities
  • Shooting or stabbing pain in the back, neck, shoulders or radiating into the arms and legs
  • Back pain accompanied by migraine headaches

We invite anyone who is experiencing the symptoms to call our office for help before considering invasive measures like surgery.

Our nonsurgical back pain treatment works quickly

One of the benefits of trying our treatment before surgery is that it works right away. It is common for patients to begin experiencing relief immediately after their treatment. Sometimes, the treatment will reduce the pain or eliminate it entirely.  Either way, our patients typically report experiencing significant relief after visiting us one time.

Patients who visit us for treatment on a regular basis will usually find that their back pain and accompanying symptoms will disappear entirely. By comparison, it takes time to schedule surgery, go through the surgery and to recover from it. This makes it highly likely that patients will not experience relief for months.

This is an affordable treatment

Another advantage of our treatment over surgery is that it costs significantly less money. This is an affordable treatment that will not require tapping into one's savings to pay for it. Plus, if the back pain was the result of a workplace or car accident, the treatments may be paid for entirely by the work or an insurance policy. It is important to go over this with your employer for more information.

There is no recovery time after our treatment

Another challenge that patients face after having surgery is that it could take them months to recover from the surgery itself. This is not the case with our treatment. There is no downtime or recovery process so patients get the benefit of seriously relief right away and being able to enjoy that relief, rather than needing to go home and lay in bed to recover.

Begin feeling better today by scheduling an appointment

Our nonsurgical back pain treatment is safe, convenient and provides relief in most cases. If you are experiencing back pain that is making it difficult to enjoy life, take the steps necessary to experience relief. Call our office and schedule an appointment so that we can begin to help you.