If you are suffering from terrible headaches or migraines, we invite you to visit our office for chiropractic migraine treatment. Migraines can be absolutely debilitating. This is especially true for children. Although most people who suffer from migraines are adults, it is possible for children to suffer from this condition as well. When they do, it cannot only be painful but also frightening. Most children feel scared when they are in pain. Parents do as well because no parent wants to see their child suffer and being unsure of what is causing their pain can be equally alarming. This is why we recommend that parents bring their children to our office for treatment anytime that they begin complaining of severe, ongoing or restrictive headaches.

Our treatment options noninvasive

It is important for parents to be aware that visiting a chiropractor is one of the least invasive things they can do when securing treatment for their child. Traditional doctors are likely to prescribe medication and may recommend procedures that are either minimally invasive or fully invasive. Even some of the testing protocols can be alarming or uncomfortable for children.

By comparison, chiropractic care is entirely noninvasive and non-threatening. We treat patients in a warm and comfortable office environment and use touch therapy in order to move the spine into alignment. This means that children do not encounter any strange testing machines, frightening equipment or anything else that may cause them to be concerned or even uncomfortable. This is important at all times but especially important when a child is already in pain and anxious because of it. Also, since we do not rely on prescription drugs, there is no chance of a child suffering from addiction, like they could if prescribed opioids for pain.

How does chiropractic migraine treatment work?

As a chiropractor, our practice is focused on improving the health of the musculoskeletal system. This is important because the nerves for the body flow through the spine so the health of the spine is going to significantly impact all areas of the body. Even things that may seem entirely unrelated, like the digestive system, can be impacted by spinal health.

Headaches, in particular, can be caused by the spine being out of alignment. Many people who suffer from tension headaches or migraines do so because a vertebra is out of position and is disrupting the flow of nerves and blood. By completing a spinal adjustment, we are able to move the spine back into alignment, relieve pinched nerves and improve spinal health and physical health overall.

This treatment should begin to provide relief relatively quickly

The treatment can work right away. Some patients visit our office for relief and feel better immediately after leaving. That is not to say that their headaches will be gone forever. With most patients, it is necessary to revisit our office for ongoing maintenance. For migraine sufferers, we recommend visiting our office at the first sign of a headache so that we can complete an adjustment before the pain becomes severe.

Fortunately, this is relatively easy to do because chiropractic appointments are fast. We can sometimes get patients in and out of the office within 20 minutes so even children who are busy with school and extracurricular activities should have time for parents to bring them in for a quick adjustment. The benefits of doing so are significant because ultimately, this is one of the best ways to both treat and prevent migraines.

Schedule an appointment

We recommend that any parents who have children complaining of headaches or migraines call our office to schedule a chiropractic migraine treatment right away.